*wink, wink

a Happy Thanksgiving to you--
from our favorite little turkey.......

I'll be back tomorrow to edit this post with the name of the winner from the Cranny give-away. If you haven't entered yet, now is the time. Enter here.

Today I am thankful for life, for the beautiful and full life God has given me, and for my life in Christ that I've so abundantly been given. I'm thankful that 28 years ago, a handsome and fantastically perfect ( in my opinion ) person was born, who became my husband. And, we are incredibly thankful for our little guy--full of life, joy, and sweetness. Our little guy, who will, no doubt, learn more of the meaning of no as we put up the Christmas tree--full of untouchable lovelies! ;-)

Have a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday with your family and friends.
congratulations to #2, TwoMuths, who said--
"Oh, these are lovely, and I was thinking that the other day as I meandered around your shop. :-) I would have the hardest time choosing but I love the olive, rust and mustard colors. What a great giveaway, so generous! :-)"

happy for you! Just let me know if there is any change in the colors that you would like and I will get these little sweeties right out to you!


  1. Annalisa11:30 AM

    Hey, got Job's book yesterday--it's wonderful. I'm almost sad to wrap it up for a month now!=)

  2. Oh, I can't believe it! Thank you!!!

  3. Aw, Jenny---so happy for you!!! Enjoy them so much!!! :)


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