the annual "Dear Santa Steve" wishlist........

*wink wink
I just want to say that first of all, this little list is just for fun......
my husband spoils me to the degree that I love Starbuck's chai......
and we all know what that means:
I am loved and spoiled to the moon and back!

I certainly am not in need of one single thing--
nor do I expect, because I have posted this list, to receive any or all items on this list.
As you will see, some items are truly, truly just a wish.

However, it has been a little bit of a fun tradition,
well, two years in the running.........
and, I think my sweet Santa Steve actually might have appreciated my list last year.
just maybe.

so, without further ado..........

I wish for cherry blossom shower gel because it smells beautifully. I also wish for this because it reminds me of my sister. Do smells bring back memories for you? My sister was wearing this when she came out to visit me after Graeme was born. Every time I smell this scent, it reminds me of the completely wonderful time we had with Barb and Jon and also the incredible memories of our newborn baby boy.

I've realized, it's time.
hello Oregon.

I know, I know.
this was on my last year's list too.
but I told Steve he could only purchase this for me if it was under a certain price--
and it was not under a certain price.
It's Pottery Barn's 2007 edition of Christmas linens: Swedish House
( duvet and shams set )

it's all about comfort.
( and staying out of the rain with these sweeties! )
just a warning: even though they are slippers, I most likely will wear them as regular shoes.
I'm just sayin.

Picture 7

this one probably needs some explaining.
I would love to have a Cranny stamp.....
a stamp that I could use on the back of cards, as a return address label of sorts, etc.
how fun to be able to stamp my logo in any color I wish!

this might indicate that I truly have reached lazy mom status.
I embarrassingly admit that if you come to my door prior to 10:00am,
you most likely will find me still in my pajamas.
Please do not attempt to see if I am telling you the truth on this one.
However, again, claiming comfort on this one,
I believe a velour, or some velor-like material jogging suit would be a step up from the ol' pajamas and just might possibly not be offensive to the pre-ten-o'clock knocker.

some comfy socks.
I have realized that it is time for me to buy some of my own socks,
as I have found myself wearing my husbands socks many times.
And, well, I wear a size 7, and Steve wears a solid 10.5.

this one also needs a little bit of an explanation.....
I love anything that Michelle creates.
however, I am hoping to someday place a special order,
based on a few items that I have of my Nanny's.
( I am waiting to see if I can locate one of Nanny's old watch-bands )

a painting from this etsy shop
the only problem is......
I cannot decide on a quote for the painting!
I love original art.
But, I need to wait until I find the perfect quote......
I want it to be meaningful for Steve and me--
I want the quote to embody who we are.......

Picture 13
remember, I did say wish list!
( we gave away our piano because I found myself leery about bothering our neighbors with my playing. I did not want my piano to go to waste and a dear family was going to put it to great use and so off it went. Now that we know our neighbors and now that I am dearly missing playing those ivories and introducing Graeme to the incredible instrument, I am now wishing for a piano. In addition, it is a possibility that we will be living in a different place within the next year, and so a piano is again a possibility! )
a free piano.
I told Steve it must be free, because they are plentiful on craigslist......
so now I am on the hunt for the perfect, free addition for our family..............

ah, and last but not least.....
a fantastic Herman Miller Eames fiberglass side chair rocker for Graeme-bear.
this is most definitely just a wish if you've checked the prices on these vintage puppies.
however, I will most definitely keep an open eye or two out at the local thrift shops........
( this particular chair was turned into a rocker from a side chair! )

that's it, folks!
( goodness, it better be! )
what about you?
any wishes out there for any of you?


  1. What a fun list....and what a nice surprise to see blue moss included ...I don't know what you have in mind...but I do have a stash of vintage watchbands if that's all you are missing


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