friday favorite

........this is pretty much my favorite thing to see at the moment! Cranny will be closing this evening and staying closed until January 2..........
then again, sights like this one pretty much take the cake........
little signs around my home reminding me of one sweet, sweet, sweetie!

happy weekending!


  1. Enjoy Graeme and your time off! (I've gotta ask - who made your blankies?)

  2. thanks, Denise!
    I surely will!

    Two ladies, here in Oregon, made Graeme's blankies for him. He LOVES them. His favorite blanket was made by a lady in California--Rosie, who lived across the street from us all growing up. Last December, I took a trip to California to visit my parents and was so excited to introduce Graeme to Rosie. She passed away ( long battle with cancer ) a few hours before we arrived;-( So. . .I think it is very special that her blanket is his favorite.


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