monday medicine, literally.

if you are looking for a great pair of moccasins for your little boy, look no further.
these were a whopping $6.99 from Target
they do not appear to be on yet, but are available in the actual store

I am all about comfort for G-bear
that is why you usually do not see him in hard-soled shoes......
I mean, seriously, who wouldn't want to wear socks and slipper shoes allofthetime?
especially when you are feeling like this...........
poor little guy.
yesterday, he stayed home with daddy
any of you moms out there have ideas for boosting immune systems? this time of year has proven to be grueling and I am on the lookout for simple, all-natural remedies and preventatives.
I'll tell you one product that we absolutely LOVE.....

it's Gaia's warming chest rub and you can find it here
we highly recommend it--it is excellent

happy monday!


  1. Sarah, sorry to hear your sweet little boy has been sick! It's the worst, for sure. I've looked for that rub at our Whole Foods but didn't find it ... can you only order it online? As far as natural remedies go, I love elderberry syrup (you can make your own too for cheaper) and grapefruit seed extract. The GSE is super strong, so you really have to water it down, but it is AMAZING...for grown-ups too. :) I'll also water down emergen-C for the kids when I think they've been exposed or are just getting over something. I don't know much, but that's my two cents worth. :)

  2. hey! I couldn't find it at our whole foods either. The only place that I could find it was our "New Seaons", which is like a local Trader Joes--and I think they only exist in Oregon and Washington ;-(

    Thanks for the tips and remedies--I will definitely try them! thanks tons!

  3. I don't know if there is anything truly that you can do to keep kiddos this age well except keep them quarantined in the house. :-/ It gets so discouraging when being around kids all the time most certainly means a non-stop running nose or the horrible flu we all got last week. I kind of feel like it's a losing battle! graham eats oranges and grapefruit by the bushel, so I guess that's the best we can do! hope your little G is doing better very soon!


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