My darling is 30.

I love her. I love her smile, her walk, her laugh, her whisper in my ear. She's kind, thoughtful, prayerful, and compassionate. She loves Jesus, her Graeme-bear, no water no foam whole milk chai, her dog Cali, all dogs for that matter, Cranny, making beautiful things, great cupcakes, and wonderful friends. She amazes me in creativity and beauty, and I am so lucky to have her. I love her. She is truly beautiful, she is mine, and she, she is thirty today!

Happy Birthday love.




  1. Happy 30th Birthday! Makes me think of mine coming up in 6 months. How can we possibly be that age already!?!?! Hope its a great day...sounds like your husband is making it full of wonderful memories! Good Job, Steve!

  2. thank you, babe! I love you so much and am so thankful for your love for me. At this rate, I'll need to fly you to the moon for your 30th birthday! you have made this birthday the most incredible birthday ever!

    Laura--thanks girlie! He sure is--great job, indeed! ;-) Enjoy your last 6 months!!! ;-)


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