tuesday treat ( vintage finds ) + the "Sale 50" winner

these are three little treats that now grace my home
I love my vintage wise men and look forward to building an entire nativity throughout the next few years.......
I'm on the lookout for the perfect baby Jesus, Joseph and Mary, shepherds, and cattle and sheep
( just so we're clear--I do realize that the wise men were not present on the night of Jesus' birth, wink wink )

And, speaking of treats........
Shyla of brown eyed girlies purchased the 50th sale on Cranny the other day. Shyla is a fellow etsy-er ( is that a word? ) and if you have any little girls in your life, you might want to check out her shop for some really cute hair accessories!
Picture 34
Picture 32
( this one happens to be my favorite! )
thanks Shyla!

happy tuesday, everyone!


  1. how lovely! your little wise men are perfect!

  2. I love the idea of a very eclectic nativity- pieces of all different kinds. Very nice wisemen.

    Sometimes when the kids set up the nativities they will put the wisemen somewhere else- like on a higher shelf, as if they are on their journey.

  3. thanks Jenna! ( I have a niece named Jenna--love that name! )

    Sara--cute--I like that idea. Yes, for now, I have my Jesus banner on the mantle and the wise men across the room;-)


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