tuesday treats and naughtiness

So, it's no secret that I love my sister Barb. She's like my best friend ever, even though she is a seriously old lady who sits on the couch in the evenings with a hot water bottle!
*wink wink, snort snort
( this will make sense after you read her note to me )

But I love how God has made us so different and yet so alike. For example, I was so excited to order Barbie a little Christmas gift.............

these doily coasters.......
the funny thing was, I received the very same gift in the mail.
from Barb.
we laughed!
Picture 4
Barb also sent this favorite of mine........
"we make sense"
I love it............
it is happily hanging in my bedroom!
( go here and here to purchase these for yourself if you so wish )

And last but not least, I must share part of what my sister wrote to me for my birthday, because I think she is so hilarious! My favorite line is probably the Ford Taurus line, because it is totally true;-) There were a few other favorites as well, but for the sake of my own pride, and so that I would not be embarrassed until my 40th birthday, I did not post them! haha............
"You have sass and spunk, of course I love that! You get sleepy and take naps every day like an old lady, I certainly love that. You wear ballet flats, I wear Converse tennis shoes, I love that. You think Ford Tauruses are the bomb, I love that. You hope to adopt, I love that. You are super good with directions, I love that. Best of all, you're my sister....... and I super love that."
In my defense, my sense of direction is getting better.
( a wee bit )

I hope you all have a merry Christmas, celebrating Jesus and the character of our God manifested through this Advent season.
I plan to pop on the blog just a bit between now and 2011.............

merry Christmas and happy Tuesday!


  1. merry christmas! love the note your sister wrote you!

  2. hahahhahha!! I LOVE YOU! and I 'm super glad we are old ladies together.....mind you the water bottle is for warmth, and not because I don't have enough insulation on my own....just because.....well ...I get chilly in the evenings!

    I enjoyed laughing at this again....and again....so glad we can have fun together!


  3. awe so sweet. i love it :) i have 6 sisters and they are my best friends too. so alike and all sooo very different!


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