twenty nine and oh-so-fine..........

happy birthday Steve!

he's what I always dreamed of,
more than I ever wished for,
and everything I will ever need

Steve is truly God's sweetest gift to me apart from my salvation.......

he is my best friend,
my biggest fan,
and the one my soul delights in.......
( especially when he says hilariously funny things in his sleep! )

Steve, I love you.
thank you for being the outstanding husband and daddy that you are......
Graeme adores you and it is so easy to see why..........

"'s you, it's you--
you make me sing
you're every line
you're every word
you're everything......."

happy birthday!


  1. Happy 29 Steve - wish we could be there to help celebrate!

  2. Happy *29* to that super (& lucky) husband of yours!

  3. thank you friends for the birthday wishes for Steve!


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