the very best birthday.......

I don't know how to accurately describe to you the sweetness of this gift. When Steve and I lived in Virginia, one of our very favorite places to go was Alexandria. They called it the fun side of the Potomac. It was a beautiful little town right outside of Washington DC. And then we discovered Georgetown Cupcake. And we told everyone about it because their cupcakes were absolutely amazing. And from then on, every time we visited Alexandria and Georgetown, we visited Georgetown Cupcake. Well, let's be honest: we planned our trip around the cupcakes! And so, on Friday night, Steve planned a very sweet surprise party with some close friends, he had me close my eyes as he brought out a gift, and when I opened them, I saw a very familiar, large pink box. I cried. It was a very sweet gift that I will always remember!
and this is what was left................
and then on Saturday evening, Steve whisked me away to the coast.....
it was a beautiful ride through the coastal mountains,
even though this photograph is a bit on the blue side!
We were so thankful to arrive safely, as the roads were a bit icy and snowy.
We also were within inches of nailing a deer along the way--
I have to admit, it was one of the freakiest things ever...........
we stayed in this beautiful little hotel.......
we loved the fireplace in our room and we also learned one very important lesson:
do not turn the jets of a jacuzzi on until the water level is well above them. Well below is fine as well, but if the water level is just reaching the jet holes, you might be in for one funny moment!
Sunday morning was gorgeous. It was quite windy out on the water, as you can see from this photograph. The ride from Cannon Beach to Manzanita is always beautiful to me.
No trip to the coast is ever complete to us without a stop at Manzanita and our favorite lunch spot, Bread and Ocean.
these are the beautiful flowers that I am enjoying from my husband........
all 31 of them.........
but remember, I am just 30!
we arrived home in time to join with our body of believers at Grace and Truth and to see our sweet boy who was well taken care of by friends. When Graeme came through the front door, I was literally about 5 feet from him and he looked right past me and started saying "dada". Um, Graeme, I am pretty sure you lost all of your brownie points with me, but gained several thousand with daddy;-)

It was a wonderful weekend.
Thank you all for your kind words and wishes.
Thank you to my husband whose kindness and sweetness never ceases to amaze me.................

happy monday!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend. Love your pics as always!

  2. how wonderful and memorable! and I think I'd love to see that blue picture available for sale sometime soon:)

  3. what a great weekend!!!
    happy happy birthday!!!
    and, i got my trees in the mail today and i love them so much!!! they are so perfect
    thanks so much
    happy birthday week!!

  4. Sarah, I am so glad you had such a wonderful & special birthday celebration!!!! One that will last in memories until #40 for sure~ (yikes...don't think too long about that). :) Being surrounded by sweet gestures and deeply meaningful acts must be one of life's greatest rewards...and cupcakes. Well, now, that takes the cake!!! :)

    Welcome to this side of 30.


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