wishlist trilogy

go here , here, and here for these sweet treats
( and speaking of wishlist, I better work on one for Santa Steve, wink wink! )

I feel a little bit overwhelmed over here in my corner of beautiful Oregon.....
I am finishing up Christmas orders from Cranny and looking forward to closing the shop tomorrow evening. I am so thankful for the opportunity to close up shop, relax, spend tons of moments with my Steve and sweet Graeme, and reflect on God's character through Advent.

ps. make sure to check out this blog. Paige is the author of We Three Pilgrims and also the owner of Lightnest, the shop that is featured first in this trilogy. I am a huge, huge, ginormous fan of her blog.


  1. Sarah Kate, I just now found this... but thank you. You are so sweet, and I love your heart. I really appreciate the supportive, positive friends that you and Barb both have been, even though we have never met. Hope you have a lovely advent season.

  2. hello
    i loooove paige, her great blog and all the fabulousness that she makes!!
    she is such a sweet girl

    and i loved your comment today. i am dying to go to portland and will make it there one day!
    and i'm so excited about my trees
    thanks so much

  3. Paige--
    you are so welcome.
    wish you lived here!!!

    you need to start planning your trip;-)


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