all sixteen months of him.........

well, hello there mister sixteen months!
( we are still wearing our Oregon Ducks colors around here today, even though they lost last evening........ )
and boy do I love those little side-burns on my baby boy!
I am also loving my newest found favorite from the thrift store--
this trusty horse, in perfect condition, waiting for a little boy to love him to death!
Graeme is still warming up to the sounds that the horsey makes when you press the ears, but loving pointing to the horse, saying horse, and riding on the horse when mommy is near..........

happy sixteen months, mister mister!


  1. Awwww, this is so cute! I hope he'll warm up to the sounds the horsey makes -- but, then again, maybe you might have a quieter house if he doesn't!

  2. Reaghan got one exactly like that for Christmas and she adores it! Well, at least she likes dancing to the clippity-clop ;)

  3. So precious!! What a cutie, and I LOVE the horse! What a find!

  4. Happy *horse-riding *gut-busting giggles *running toward you chasing *talking your little head off *flowing blond wisps *favorite book reading BOY!!!


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