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"Children are made readers on the laps of their parents."
--Emilie Buchwald
( I certainly hope so! )

This is the wrong picture to accompany this quote, but I couldn't help but snap a few pictures last week when I looked over and saw Graeme looking at one of my very favorite books by Jan Brett, The Hat, along with sitting with two of his favorites--his blanket and a car.

*a little extra reading on the topic of Raising Boys that Read. My husband shared the article with me a while back and I bookmarked it for future sharing. What an encouragement to keep reading to that sweet little boy of ours who is practically running around the house nowadays!

And I'll tell you what else it encourages me to do: to never buy a television. We made a vow to not have one our first year of marriage. During our third year of marriage, we were given a tv, and although we loved keeping up with the news, it was more of a nuissance than a necessity. When we made the move to Oregon, we tossed our tv and haven't missed it since, aside from the daily news. If aliens attack, please call me to let me know, wink wink! I'm not saying that we will never have a television, I do not think you are weird if you own one, please don't think we are nuts that we ourselves do not have one;-)

happy weekending and reading!


  1. Oh, I LOVE this picture -- thanks for being such a good mom and dad and developing his love for reading!

  2. LOVE that quote. I will never forget that advise I got from a friend years to your kids! My girls now love to read and school is so much easier because of it. I am NOT a reader! I wish my parents read to me! Keep it up girlie!

  3. What a precious picture!

  4. Utter sweetness... I love catching my kids being candidly adorable. I've been reading to my boys since they were born. Now they are 12 and 5 and we still sit down at night and I read them a chapter of whatever Harry Potter book we are currently on. My grandma sent my oldest a book a few years ago called Miss Fannies Hat. It's is an awesome book with a very positive message. I'm sure you would love it. :)

  5. thanks for your encouraging words to keep reading to G! I have to admit, sometimes I am tempted to hide the Thomas the Train book--I have it memorized;-) I should also add that even though we do not have a tv, Graeme still watches Thomas the Train on our mac;-) Not a lot, but still;-)

    thanks,RR! I am headed there right now to check it out!

  6. sakes, I love this picture to is the sweetest!

    I read so much to Conley and Brynn when they were little and am so thankful that they are both voracious readers. We have to go to the library every two weeks and load up on new books. It thrills me!.....but they do spend lots of time playing video games and watching television too.....:) as you well know! hah!

  7. Anonymous8:22 AM

    And, the TV isn't really necessary for news. I found that I never knew what was going on, so I made a point of putting an RSS feed for a national news site and a local news site in my reader. Now I can at least read the headlines (even if I don't choose to read the article), so I can say I "heard" about such and such that goes on. Gotta love those readers. I use the my yahoo reader.


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