fyi and hard knocks about opening an Etsy shop........

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This series will probably only apply to very few of my dear readers, but I wish that someone I knew personally would have done such a series prior to my opening of Cranny.

Truth be told, opening an Etsy store is truly one of the easiest things to do, in terms of opening a "shop". I love the ease and convenience of Cranny. I love naming my own prices, I love naming my own time-table, and I love being in charge of the way that my online shop appears. Apparently, I just plain love being in charge, wink wink.

Anywho, I am beginning this short series today. I've thought about doing this for entirely too long. The time is now! What I know pertaining to an Etsy shop probably amounts to a hill of beans, but this hill is just for those of you who are seriously thinking about opening your very own Etsy shop. I hope to help one person by writing about what I have learned through opening my own Etsy shop. So, here goes..............

+ Your name and matching email address
these are so important! Take a lot of time to think about the name of your shop. And, just when you think you've come up with the perfect name, remember to check for availability on Etsy. Don't get too attached to your chosen name until you know that it can truly be yours! I knew for a very long time that I wanted to use the name Cranny, but never even imagined that someone else had thought of the very same business name. Come to find out, there certainly was someone! I ended up having to go with my business name + my business tag line: crannyfoundfavorites. It was not my first choice, but I knew that I wanted to use Cranny as my main name and so I went with it. I thought about my business name for about six months leading up to the opening of my shop. For some, it might come sooner, but for me, it was a long process. I wanted to be sure that I had chosen something that truly fit what my shop was about.

LOVE your name and be proud of it. Support it. Be it's biggest cheer-leader! Seriously, love your business name and don't worry what other people think about it. However, do bounce it off of a few trusted and admired friends with good taste. Yes, don't forget the good taste part! Be willing to accept their advice, but ultimately know that it is your decision. And once the decision has been made, stick to your guns, er, name.

Once your name has been chosen and you know that it is truly available on Etsy, choose an e-mail address that corresponds. Choose something that will be easy for people to remember. If possible, make your email your business name. This is something that I wish I had done. My email is too long. It is my business name, but it is also my business tag line. It is cranny (dot) foundfavorites (at) gmail (dot) com. How exciting! I think I just landed the prize for the longest e-mail address ever, wink wink! Again, maybe was already taken, I do not remember. But it would be very difficult for me to change my e-mail at this point since it is connected to my sign-in process for Cranny on Etsy. Again, think ahead!
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For a little extra reading homework, from established Etsians, read this and this.
( Notice that both of these articles begin with a section on your shop name. It is important! )


  1. I just LOVE that you are doing this. I have been contemplating starting an etsy shop for awhile and this will certainly help with that decision.

  2. Stephen9:40 AM

    This post was so good, I think I am going to start an Etsy shop. I don't know what I will sell, but it will be good:)

    Love you babe, and great post!

  3. oh yay, Laura, I hope these are of help to you!

    babe--looking forward to seeing your shop, wink wink;-) You are so silly and sweet!

  4. Great post!

    I want to add- make sure the website (URL) is not taken as well. I chose "loveybuns" as my first name and a year into it was served a cease and desist letter by another diaper maker, the owner of LoveybuMs. She had bought the buns site which I knew but didn't realize when I put that in and was sent to her site it would be a problem. I ended up with loveydoodle. Which actually is better but it was an annoying mistake. :)

  5. Sara Jones6:58 AM

    Thanks for writing this out! I am starting my own etsy shop in the next month or two (just working on things to put up there), and this was very helpful. Looking forward to the rest of your series!
    Sara Jones

  6. I think about it off and on (starting one) but then, I feel like I'd need some big ticket items to make it worth while...we'll see. Maybe someday! I'll be interested in reading the rest of the articles for sure.

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  8. Jaimey,
    you are so right. Ughhhh, I dislike the idea of ever seeing a cease and desist letter! Although, I might be writing one myself soon to someone on Etsy who has been copying one of my wreaths. Another seller actually informed me about it;-( sad;-(

    thanks so much for stopping by and I am so thankful that this was helpful to you. I plan on getting the next post up within the next few days;-) good luck with your shop--that is exciting!

    I think big ticket items are helpful--but I've been noticing more and more that the shops that have several little items really do quite well. People really don't have a problem with just spending a few dollars for something that they love as much as they do dropping $40-50 on a larger item. from my experience, it can be frustrating selling smaller items--sometimes they take just as much time as a larger item, but I am profiting much less. However, if I made up a batch of 10, in one sitting, it would save me so much time and I probably would feel that I was gaining more of a profit because of saving time in the process. It is difficult to do, though, when offering "customized" items--I am afraid to make a batch up in case people want a different color etc..... ;-)


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