Do you know the feeling of seeing something happen before your eyes that is a thousand times better than what you could have ever imagined it to be? I get that feeling every time I see the work of my sister's incredible husband, Jon Blair, of Ignite Design. And that is the very feeling that came over me when I first laid my eyes on this.............
Picture 49
I think it absolute perfection!
I am giddy, giddy, giddy, about this addition to the shop. Let me explain. I have come across so many listings that have the tag line, "made in a pet-free, smoke-free home". Now, don't get me wrong, I do appreciate the smoke-free part, but a little part of my heart dies when I think about a pet-free home. ( As I write this, Cal-girl is passed out beside me, snoring rather obnoxiously. )

I wanted to come up with a tag that I could sell in my shop for other Etsians to attach to their handmade items, and also for myself, to attach to my own Cranny items. I wanted it to be the "anti" pet-free tag mentioned above. Not in a bad way, but in a really fun, sweet way.

Bingo, bango, here it is!

I love the clean, crisp designs that Jon creates. And more than that, I always love the funny email headings that accompany his designs, wink wink. I usually can tell when I have exhausted the patience of my "in-house" designer! The e-mail headings begin with something like, "crannyheader1", and usually end with something like, "poop". If you know my brother-in-law, this will make you cackle! And truth be told, I deserve those funny email headings, and more truth be told, I do not deserve the kindness and generosity of mister Jon. He is the bomb, plain and simple!

I could ramble on and on............
hug your pet today, wink wink, and check the shop soon for the tags!

( oh, and obviously, the ones that will be sold in the shop will not have the Cranny logo on them so that other sellers may attach them to their made goodness! )


Thank you so much for reading here.

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