hello baby blossom.........

and goodbye Burt's Bees
( but maybe not forever! )

I am in love with the Baby Blossom body + shampoo wash ( and the body lotion for that matter ) by Mrs. Meyer's.
Graeme is probably wondering why I have been sniffing his hair so often...........

on a side note,
is anyone else out there feeling lost here in twenty-eleven?
I have all of these things on my to-do list........
Cranny is supposed to re-open on January 15th,
and yet I have not finished one single Spring spec as of late,
the bloggy-blog-blog is receiving a few changes,
( I am hoping to put up all of my links on my side-bar that I sadly lost months and months ago ),
my chronological reading plan has begun,
and Jillian keeps yelling my name.

well, on that note,
happy weekending!


  1. Oooh, I love that lotion too! It's such a sophisticated baby scent. :) As far as routine goes, I keep telling Chad I can't get my groove back. For some reason, this year it has been SO much harder to get back into a routine and schedule after the holidays. Of course, I think I also get overwhelmed with everything extra that needs to be done (i.e. toilet training, pacifier weaning, bottle weaning ... yikes!). Hugs!

  2. Melody--oh man, I can't imagine adding toilet training to the mix! Graeme likes to flush the toilet--that is as far as we've ventured in that area;-) haha!

    ps. I just wanted to tell you a HUGE thank you for the tips to fend off sickness--I have noticed a HUGE difference! Hugs back to you!

  3. I think with mommying that you never feel like there is much break in the routine and so that's why it can be difficult to feel, "ok time for a fresh start". at least for me! like in your last post, some (most?!) days are downright mundane. :) thankful for God's grace in our lives during this time and the reminders that keeping my home in order and teaching my boy to be disciplined in all areas of life are just as vital as volunteering in a homeless shelter every day or something. but some days, it's very easy to forget that. :) be encouraged!

  4. Yes -- I cannot get myself in gear!


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