it calls my name. at home.

a velour pant suit was on my Christmas list, and although my husband tried very hard to find me one, he just was not quite sure what in the world velour was........... I definitely gave him an A for effort, and truth be told, it was better that I was the one that found it, thank you after Christmas sales!

don't judge my velour pant suit...............
( feel free to judge me if I wear it outside of my home, *wink wink )
because it is queen of comfies and looks a whole lot better than Steve's pajama pants with a mismatched long-sleeved t-shirt...............

even better, I paid a whopping $10.98 for mine at Old Navy per clearance and merchandise credit I had in my wallet.

oh, and mine is black.
black hides so many things;-)

happy weekending and happy velour pant-suiting.............


  1. I, too, have a velour pant suit, in charcoal--almost as good as black. And though the top may occasionally see its way beyond my front door, the pants have been inside since they first entered. :) I'm too afraid I'll end up on "What Not To Wear"...though that wouldn't be so bad. $5,000 shopping spree in NYC anyone?

  2. I hear you, Marti! I could do a bit of damage with $5,000 in NYC;-) Feel free to enter my name anytime! ;-)

  3. Love it! I have the same one in black AND one in navy! :)

  4. I have a pink one. I love it. I can't quite part with it... like ever... since I have left the hospital after all 3 babies in it. :) It just always seems to fit no matter what size I am. Love velour.


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