a little Cranny twenty-eleven give-away

EDIT (1/31/11): congratulations, Amber! please contact me via here on the blog or at cranny.foundfavorites@gmail.com to let me know which card you would like to receive and to let me know your address! thanks to all who entered the give-away and for the helpful suggestions! You all are so great--thank you tons <3Picture 23
Picture 22
( emphasis on the little! )
I realize that this is quite a small give-away, but wanted to do something to kick off the Spring 2011 months for Cranny. I am giving away one valentine card. Pictured here are the whale and the moose and I will be adding a fox and a hedgehog to the mix over the next few days.

To enter the give-away.............
please tell me an item that you would like to see in the Cranny shop. If you cannot think of anything to be added to Cranny, please tell me whether or not you would be a fan of customized calligraphy address stamps in the Cranny shop. I realize that I am asking you to do a bit of work for such a small give-away! You do not need to tell me your choice of card in your comment. If you win, I will contact you at that time and ask for your favorite.

The give-away will be open until the evening of Monday, January 31st.
many thanks and here's wishing you a beautiful twenty-eleven January!


  1. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Have you thought about making travel coffee cup cozies? Happy Crafting! I love looking at your stuff. Reminds me of when we were roomies. :)

  2. I would love to see a fun winter / spring garland. I'm not sure if that would be hard for shipping, but I've been wanting something creative to hang up...I know you are the right person to ask :)

  3. I have a crazy love for any kind of purse or little bag for organizing the items that fall to the bottom of my purse! I can never manage to downsize those things...so little cosmetic bags help keep them tamed! :-) Calligraphy address stamps would be lovely!

  4. oh you always come up with the neatest goodies. you took a great photo last season of the waterfall...d & i are looking for some good art/photos to hang...so maybe another cheery photo to add to you collection??

  5. OH MY GOODNESS!! well those are just the most adorable thing!!! What would I like to see in Cranny, well, that is hard, because the reason I LOVE your blog is because you think differently than I. I think mixed media art signs, inspired by these cards, for nurseries would be cool..... do you do wholesale?

  6. YES on the calligraphy address stamps... so weird you mentioned that, I was just thinking yesterday how I wanted one.

    Wouldn't mind seeing some more pillow options, perhaps some different shapes?

    Love it all, as usual.

  7. Would love to see calligraphy address stamps as well as bookmarks. I liked the idea of little felt purses, too.

  8. Hi Sarah, I think I would be a fan of personalized address stamps! Also, I was thinking of little book bags/canvas-type over-the-shoulder bags for kids with maybe the whale design on it, or something similar? Or a hobo style bags with a draw string on the top for kids...just thinking out loud...

  9. Thank you for "favoring" my shop because it lead me to yours! Yours is adorable, I love all of your wreaths. I know your asking for suggestions... so I would make wreaths of different sizes. I love everything you do though. :) Have a wonderful day! -dez

  10. I think customized calligraphy address stamps would be amazing! You do mean that you would do calligraphy and turn it into a stamp, right? And I agree with everyone else- whatever you do is fabulous.

  11. Baby goodies! Toys, burp cloths, puppets, etc. :)

    Also, I LOVE handmade jewelry....

  12. be still, my heart.
    love your new designs.

    cannot wait to see the hedgie. we have a huge crush on anything hedgehog in this house.

    would totally love to see the stamps added. what else to add...........hmmmm...........I have a huge love for postcards...and with your great pictures/products...I think you might have a good marriage to behold. maybe a nice, small pack wrapped in lush ribbon.

    happy xo season.

  13. I have been wracking my brain for an idea since I first, but alas I've come up empty. I love all the ideas others have come up with. I do really enjoy your "script" and think you should do more with it in the shop! Loving those valentine cards!!!


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