600th post and what a post it is.........

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Yesterday we bought this product.
No, seriously, we did.

Yes, we did.
( And Steve was the one on the other end of the tube connected to Graeme's nose, wink wink, because, yes, I couldn't handle it. )

I will however tell you that it worked amazingly.
But don't take it from me,
read about the nosefrida, or the snot sucker, for yourself here.

Still skeptical?
Come on.........
they're Swedish,
which means,
they're geniuses ( hello, IKEA! ).

So, how did we find out about this product? Our friend Laura was here visiting for the weekend and told us that when her grand-baby was in the ICU, with a very similar case to what Graeme had this past week, she went out searching for something that would be a more effective option than the typical hospital nasal aspirator. She ended up at New Seasons ( think Trader Joe's on steroids times a million plus local to boot ) and found the nosefrida. When she returned to the hospital and tried out the nosefrida on Leela, the nurses were amazed and started copying down the information for themselves. And let me tell you, it is a whole lot more baby and child friendly than the scary dentist-like nose-suctioner at the hospital!

Well, how's that for some monday medicine, wink wink!


  1. Okay I saw that and totally thought it was a joke! I guess you can't knock it till you try it. I think Roderick would be the one doing it though. = )

  2. Wowsers! Not sure what else to say...

  3. it's okay, ladies;-) We're just keeping Portland weird;-)

  4. Kimberly7:21 AM

    I have seriously almost bought one of those so many times. I know it has awesome reviews. The one thing that always holds me back is my husband telling me that I'm going to be inhaling all of Jack's snotty gems. ;) Do you think the filter really seems to work in a way that that doesn't happen?? I'd love to know what you think about that one small detail! :) Otherwise, I would definitely have one right now! Doesn't really seem all that gross to me if the filter really works well!

  5. Kimberly, I am so glad that you left a comment today--I have been feeling so terrible that I never got back to you after you wrote me on fb SO many months ago about baby food recipes;-( I am so sorry!

    I guess I can only base my advise off of our own experience--but neither Steve nor I got sick, if that helps your decision. I think all of the thousands of rave reviews--which your husband can see for himself on their website, if that would help him understand how the product is made-- speak for themselves. You'll have to let me know what you decide!

  6. wow, what an invention. now, there is no chance of the "sucker" actually sucking in the snot is there??? :-/ I hope Graeme is doing so much better!
    on another note....did I see you mention business card holders for the cranny shop or is my mind just completely fuzzy (a definite possibility!)

  7. Heidi7:46 PM

    Sarah, I'm so glad to know you bought one :) I saw one in a magazine, but hadn't heard of anyone I knew who used one. Think I will just have to go find one for Haley since Graeme is a fan!! :)

  8. Kelly--
    nope! No chance;-) good thing, huh?!
    yes, I have business card holders coming........
    I need to get that done! Kiss miss E for me;-)

    so I about fell out of my chair--I'm so impressed girl;-) Yes, I love that it is so gentle on them. I've heard a few scary things before about the hospital nasal ones--that it can actually do damage to brain tissue?! I should probably look that up to make sure it's not just some silly rumor out there;-)

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