captain awesome

captain awesome was rather elusive yesterday while I tried to catch some pictoires.......
this little mister and I are off to Indiana today.
Please pray for our flights if God brings us to your mind.
( Because of a big-mama storm, it looks as if we might be flying into Louisville. )
I just finished putting a very, very heart-broken little boy back to bed, after he looked all over the house for dada, at 1:00am!
I truly hope that Graeme is reunited with his dada tomorrow--I don't think he would make it another day and I certainly wouldn't either.
thank you for your sweet notes of encouragement and also for your prayers for Steve's family--I am so thankful for the world-wide body of Christ.........
our little family will be traveling on to South Carolina this coming Saturday, to spend some time with my family.
I do hope to check in somewhere along the line.....
we shall see!

If you see a very tired lady with a really cute little boy, with lots of crackers, craisins, juice, and cheerios tomorrow, watching Thomas the Train on a portable dvd player, that would be me. Here's hoping that lots of snacks + Thomas = two happy flights!


  1. oh, you have a crazy few days ahead of you. hope the weather cooperates and that you don't get stuck in any airports. always my worst fear with a little one!

  2. I'm praying very hard! It will all be ok and I can't wait to see you all this weekend!

  3. Anonymous7:02 AM

    We are praying that you have safe travels and a good time with family. Let us know if there is anything we can do for you while you are in SC. Our phone numbers have changed but we can be reached via e-mail or Facebook. Love ya!!

  4. Oh my I can't believe you have to travel in this insane weather hitting the nation right now! St. Louis is being hit with 12-22 inches of snow and it's been pouring sleet at my house all day. :( Please be careful and I hope your patience is strong, I know how hard it is to travel with a little one. xoxoxox

  5. Sarah, I was just up with the wee one in the early hours of the morning and prayed for you and your family. Thank you so much for leaving a little note on my blog. I have so enjoyed "getting to know" you.

    I pray that your time with Steve's family is precious and that traveling details will be worked out. Our God's greatness seems all the more overwhelming when our hearts are hurting most.

    On a it's-a-small-world-note, I just realized that your mom and dad have been attending my church! Hopefully, you will be able to enjoy some of this warmer weather while you are visiting the great state of South Carolina.


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