what I wish I had done for Valentine's........

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I love Valentine's day and I love receiving thoughtful and sweet gifts from my husband; I love flowers and love notes left on our gigantic chalkboard and I love to find the perfect card and gift for my valentine. I loved creating these little turquoise+red valentine's cards for the 2's and 3's class yesterday. I especially had a fun time recording several "love notes" for the parents from the children. Oh, kiddies are so funny!

I also find it funny that I created a valentine's day card for Cranny this year and yet my own husband will not be receiving that card. It just didn't feel right. Although I loved mister moose, I wanted to find just the perfect card for Steve that would be new to him--since he was with me as I printed off the ordered cards from Cranny...........
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( photo credit, wit&whistle )
and let me tell you........
I found it! I ordered this practically perfect card from wit&whistle.
( You can find them here )
I can't wait to see my valentine pop on those amazing 3-d glasses to read his valentine's message from me, wink wink!
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I also ordered a customized anniversary hoop from the shop, little pink house...........
and I am so happy that I did because it is the perfect "this house was established in. . ." type of art for our home. I realize it is a bit girly, but I hope that my valentine loves it anyway!

But what I wish that I had done, in addition to what is already done, is to have sat mister G down and made several valentine cards for those who are lonely and sad this Valentine's day. The thought hit me too late and so I may have to send out some tardy valentine cards. I am prayerful today for those loved ones who are hurting. And, I am thankful for the love that has been shown to me, first by Jesus. Only because of Jesus can I love others and continue to try and love-- even the unlovable.

Just some rambling thoughts here.........
really a public lesson to myself on the character of God.
God is love.
God showed immeasurable love to me.
This same God dwells in me.
God help me to show that kind of love to others everyday of the year...........

happy valentine's day to you, dear reader!


  1. my husband (mister, as he is fond of saying, "moose with a lithp") loved the moose card. Your work is gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful, Sarah. Love the little felt valentines and the felt sampler is a treasure . . . . as are your thoughts. Thank you for sharing them ~

  3. Jenny,
    I am so glad that he liked the card! I shipped all of them out right before leaving for Indiana and I hadn't heard from anyone so I was afraid that maybe they didn't like them--thanks for telling me! How cute that kids call your husband mister moose--with a lisp;-)
    love it!

    Miss Bee--Steve loved the felt sampler--I was so happy;-)

  4. Those valentines are precious, Sarah! And I just saw your spring wreaths - they are adorable :)


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