Your Logo: Opening an Etsy shop, part two

So, after reading the first post in this series, you've put your thinking cap to good use, you've set your sights on a fantastic name for your shop, you've established a working, complimentary email address, and now you are wondering what to do next.........

Today, I want to chatter about your logo.

Tip #1: don't rush the process of establishing your logo. This is something, like deciding upon a shop name, that needs sitting time. Think it through and think it through some more. Your logo speaks volumes about your business. And since a logo tends to stick around for a while before remodeling occurs, you most definitely want a design that you can live with ( for a long time! ) and love.

( Maybe I should interject here that when I say logo, I am also referring to the banner that is located at the top of your Etsy shop. The banner image measures 760 pixels wide and 100 pixels high. However, I am not necessarily meaning that the two are the same. Your logo is something that you will most likely have in printed form to attach to your handmade items. Your shop banner is an expanded form or slightly different "angle" of your logo. )

Tip #2: employ a graphic designer if at all possible. If having your logo designed by a professional is not affordable, "do what you can, with what you have, where you are" ( thank you Theodore Roosevelt! ). I realize that I am speaking a bit out of both sides of my mouth, since my access to a fantastic designer ( my sister's husband ) is wide open, compared to the circumstances of many.

So, if your resources are limited and you are stuck with coming up with a logo on your own, don't feel discouraged. Ask a friend with a sharp eye for design to help you out. Employ a fantastic font website ( for starters! ) and get to work with a simple and free site such as Picnik-- a site that allows you to incorporate text over photographs.

I think I cringed a bit as I wrote out the word Picnik in the above paragraph. Don't get me wrong--I use and enjoy Picnik, but it can be greatly misused to create cutesy, unprofessional images. This is most definitely not what I wish for your logo. Think fresh, simple, and attractive. Remember, your logo speaks ginormous, humongous volumes about your business!

I wanted to tie up this post by showing just one example of a beautifully clean and simple shop banner. I hope it inspires you and spurs you on in your Etsy journey! ( Lightnest owner, Paige, can be found here and her Etsy shop here. )

Screen shot 2011-02-12 at 10.38.37 PM

good luck!


  1. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for this series!!! Please, please, please keep them coming! I am learning and gleaning so much from them!

    shop name......check.
    email address......almost there.
    graphic designer......CHECK (my sweetie).
    logo...........many ideas on the table.
    actual well. still working on direction there.

    other questions I'd ask::: storage room? overhead cost of starting up? time frame for posting seasonally (how early)? shipping costs/timing? time invested/week? taxes (what do you claim? self-employment? *is it worth it*? ;)

    ok. so maybe I'm jumping ahead of you and you already have thought of these. but there are so many questions rambling in my head. reading your posts is giving me bite sized morsels to conquer...and not be overwhelmed. thanks!!! :)

  2. thank YOU;-) I am so glad that these have helped. Thank you so much for your ideas for future posts, too. I will answer as many as I can--we should just schedule a phone chat;-) Maybe I will entitle my next post FAQ--so that I can answer several different questions at once? This year's taxes were super easy--definitely worth it--make sure you save every receipt from the items that you are collecting etc.... every little bit counts--and when your total profit is around $1000, well, they don't tax too much on that;-) This coming year might be a little hairier--I'll have to plan some extra give-aways and non-profit stuff;-)

  3. Thanks for your sweet & thorough reply! Some days I feel I am bursting at the seams with ideas...some days I am just thankful to get through with all 3 children (& husband) healthy, clean, fed & alive! :) I would L.O.V.E. to set up a phone chat sometime! I can say one thing...watching your progression has definitely been inspiring!!! I am so thankful you reiterate the point of all these steps take time. Sometimes when I read those inspiring stories on etsy, it's all "just follow your dream and jump on board...the rest will fall into place!" But I know better than that!!! I like the process you're spelling out! You're doing such a fantastic job with cranny + b! :)

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