the 26 week, yarn letter project, week two

Screen shot 2011-03-08 at 9.09.47 PM
phew, what a day this has been........
a really, really good day filled with long naps, blowing bubbles, a fun theological meeting for my husband, and grocery shopping to top it all off.
I know..........
we're crazy--we think it is fun to go grocery shopping together!

This week's letter is the letter C.
C for color........
( and, oddly enough, everything in this post is black and white! )
I am so inspired by all of the beautiful colors that are slated for spring 2011.
so excited that I even bought a yellow shirt from h+m the other day and I never wear yellow. Never.

Speaking of yellow,
I am a bit concerned that Graeme sees only the colors yellow and purple.
Whenever we ask him what color something is he answers "yay-llow" or "pup-ple".
oh dear.

The letter of the week will be added to the shop this evening...........
technically I cannot say that the letter of last week, "A", has sold.
I have had a couple people talk to me about it, but nothing final,
so I must be honest and say that "A" is still on the market.......

hope you all have had a great Tuesday.......
I can't wait to share some pictures of mister Graeme and the bubbles from today!


Thank you so much for reading here.

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