*disclaimer on this week's yarn letter post......

Screen shot 2011-03-22 at 4.28.10 PM
so my disclaimer.......
if you are not a mom or you are not interested in purchasing the letter L,
you will probably want to skip this post, wink wink!

The yarn letter for the week is the letter L.......
and it stands for love.

The other day, I went over and kissed the top of Graeme's head and he looked at me and said those three magical words, I love you, which sounded more like i lu you, wink wink. That was the first time that he said those words without being prompted and it made my heart skip an extra beat or two!

He also has decided that nap time is the perfect time to tell me that he loves me.
Yesterday, though, it went something like this........
g- i lu you
me- i love you!
g- i lu you!
me- i love you too!

repeat with different inflections, etc....

me- okay, I love you too, but it's time to take your nap. I'll see you when you wake up!
I shut the door........
g-wail, wail, i lu you, wail, wail

Obviously, I couldn't handle it and opened back up the door to reassure him for the twentieth time that I did indeed love him back but it was definitely nap time;-)
so, as I mentioned before, L is the letter of the week, inspired by the love of my sweet, sweet boy, who is very excitedly telling me in this picture that "bopus" ( thomas the train ) is on his jammies.............


  1. Oh, how adorable and incredibly sweet! Isn't it amazing how being a mom turns us into such mushballs? I melt sometimes just over hearing the girls say "thank you" or "your welcome" all on their own. :) What a cutie-pie you have.

  2. awwww so sweet!!! :)

  3. thank you, friends! Melody, yes, it is amazing and it happens so, so quickly;-)

  4. Ok Sarah...so I can't resist..when does the week end? Does it end a week after your post? I am sooo behind on my blog reading, but if you haven't sold the L...

  5. hi Lex!
    I usually do leave the letter up for one week, but amazingly this L already sold. But if you still want one, I would love to make one for you at the discount price. No rush--let me know whenever;-) Hope you are doing well!


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