a few friday favorites

It saddens me so much that Graeme is heading towards a toddler bed like lightning speed. In just a few days, he will be eighteen whole months, and I have no idea where they went...........
but we have enjoyed every single month, that is for sure. And while we make our way towards a toddler bed over the next several months, ( I say several because we are planning to make Graeme's toddler bed and I am so excited about it! ) I've decided I might as well have a lot of fun picking out a few fun things to go on his new bed..................
okay, so no wooden numbers on his bed, but I *might have* already ordered one of these fantastic old-school nines for a wall in Graeme's room. Nine is his number and this specific nine was begging to be in Graeme's room.............
and this is the difficult part..........
I am in love with so many different pillows that it is a quandary on which one to choose!

go here, here, and here for these friday favorites
happy weekending!


  1. I like the whale pillow!

  2. yep, I have to admit, that whale is high on my list too;-)

  3. Definitely loving the whale pillow.
    I am on a navy blue kick. I want to paint everything navy. Now I want to paint a navy whale. Ha.

  4. Lindsay,
    me too! I have a navy door sweater that has been waiting to be loaded into the shop for a few weeks......I need to get that done!

    I would love to see a navy whale!


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