lots of monday medicine

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and, this is what happens when mama feels bad that her little boy had a few rough days in the hospital.......
we eat cheerios off of the coffee table, while sprawled out on the couch watching the never-ending excitement that is Thomas the Train.............
In my little boy's vocabulary, this is "wow", "yay", and "oh my!"
and speaking of excitement, this is a little video from when we walked in the door after our hospital stay. Cali was quite happy to have her boy home and gave us lots of roos and barks!

On the Cranny end of things, I completed two new items for the shop.......
hello miss sailor, another spring door sweater
and a business card holder that can be customized if your business cards are not standard size................
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or, if you are like a certain mom I know, ( wink wink )
you could use this little holder for all of those gift cards that suddenly go missing!
( I love you mom and I will send you a gift-card store-er! )

happy monday to you!


  1. Awww, happy happy! Thank you so much! That will be very nice to carry in my purse -- nice and light.

  2. Ha ha ha! I watched the video; that was so cute. :) I didn't realize how well Graeme could walk!

  3. hey you...i somehow wasn't able to get to your blog for awhile...and so i haven't checked in with you lately.
    i did some catching up...and am so glad that your precious little guy is well....God is good!

    i love that sailor door sweater...so cute...
    and thanks for the comment today!
    i will be a much better blog friend from now on



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