ranunculus' and the letter R

Some gals could care less about flowers and I struggle to understand them, wink wink!
When my husband and little boy came through the door on Monday afternoon with these beautiful flowers, I was reminded once again of how loved and blessed I am. Blessed by God, the impeccable designer, loved much by my husband who brings flowers home liberally.

I especially love the ranunculus' in this bouquet..........
hence my inspiration for this week's yarn letter,
the letter R.

If you are confused as to why I am promoting a discounted yarn letter each week, read this post. I am happy to announce that the letter A has been reserved, the letter C is still available, and the letter R will be posted to Cranny by this evening.

edit: this afternoon, as I was working on an R yarn letter, Graeme came up to me and said, "R". I about fell off of the sofa! He keeps us on our toes, that is for sure! And speaking of Graeme, yesterday at his 18 month appointment, he measured in at 26 pounds and 32 inches tall. I think we skipped right past the "slim down" stage?

happy tuesday!


Thank you so much for reading here and sharing life with me!