here comes the sun, dut-dut-dut-dut.............

Screen shot 2011-04-27 at 10.17.07 AM

you guessed it..........
this week's yarn letter is the letter S
On Saturday, we ventured out for mister Graeme's first Easter egg hunt..........
it was a very bright, sunny day--and there's nothing like beautiful sunshine to cheer up spirits!
perhaps the rush of many, many 1-3 year olds stunted his egg hunt in the beginning.....
but it wasn't long until he stopped staring at others and scored his first egg;-)
and then he tried the hoarding method.............
but that didn't work out so well.........
poor little guy wasn't even allowed to keep his candy............
I know, I know--
we're such mean parents........
( Believe me--he doesn't know what it is yet and could have cared less! )
Now, next year, I'm sure, will be a different story?

happy wednesday!

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  1. We're mean parents, too; Jordan wasn't allowed to keep his candy, either :) He started getting sad and saying "Take away?" Enough to break your heart. So, Jeremy thought fast and ran to fill up some eggs with O's, grapes, & strawberries :) That did the trick; he was completely happy with that.

  2. cute--we'll have to try that next time! Graeme had frozen yogurt for the first time last night and could not stop saying "more, more";-)

  3. What adorable first egg hunt pictures!!!! Super, super cute :) :)

  4. someone gave our graham 3 FULL-sized candy bars for Easter. guess who had a very happy mommy & daddy? he did get one bite. =)

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