a new favorite from Sovereign Grace's Risen album

How do we know we’ve been forgiven?
How do we know that we have been made clean?
How do we know we’ll go to heaven?
How do we know we’ve been redeemed?

You have been raised, the tomb has been opened
Nothing can take away our hope in You
You have been raised
You have been raised, the work is completed
Hell and its powers have been defeated
You have been raised

Now we are free from condemnation
There is no judgment left for us to fear
We don’t have to wonder if we’re welcome
You are the One who’s brought us near

from Risen, released 22 March 2011
Music by Mark Altrogge, Bob Kauflin, and Ken Boer; words by Mark Altrogge and Bob Kauflin
© 2011 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)/Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)


  1. My mom just bought that CD for us!

  2. ;-) Meghan, you'll recognize this song on Sunday then! see you soon!


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