happy nineteen months to you, sweet boy.............

you have recently fallen in love with color crayons
but still claim your old flames of Curious George, Thomas, Percy, and cars and trucks.

you love to loudly say Jesus
( which is usually your way of asking mama to sing a song )

you love your puppy, Cali

you love to walk and run more than anything

you really love the color yellow
( you know the names of other colors, but for some reason, you love to tell us that everything is yellow. we really hope that you do not see the world in yellow, wink wink! )

you really, really love the book Are you My Mother?
( mama can quote it by memory, wink wink! )

you love to count two, three but sometimes forget the others

your newest favorite song to sing is............
You are Holy
You are mighty
You are worthy, worthy of praise

I will follow
I will listen
I will love you
all of my days

You're the Lord of Lords
You're the King of Kings.......

( that is all that you know so far. )

this week, you learned how fun it is to give kisses and boy are they slobbery!
we love you, Graeme.......
happy nineteen months!


Thank you so much for reading here.

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