just so I won't forget..........

tonight's bed-time "conversation" with Graeme..........

I ask, "Can I have a good-night kiss?" Graeme gives me a kiss then immediately says, "bump-bump" ( meaning fist bump ), so we fist bump and then he says, "high-five", and we high-five. I ask him, "do you love mama?". "Yeah". "I love you Graeme". "I love you too", he says, drawing out each word, while getting higher and higher in pitch;-)

I tell you what, this thing called being a mama is just getting better and better................

( ps. We do realize that hat-wearing season has basically passed ( although it's still occasionally in the 50's here during the day ) but Graeme wanted to wear his hat very badly the other day! )

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  1. PRECIOUS. Never forget those moments!


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