twenty months...........
I feel as if I was just writing his nineteen month post yesterday
we took a short walk on monday and Graeme was mesmerized with a local construction site--
until the noises became rather loud, wink wink!
Graeme and I will be taking belly shots next to each other, I do believe..........
oh, this boy, I tell you--
believe it or not, food is not on his favorite list as of late
wait, I take it back--
he will claim mangos, fruit snacks, and steamed carrots
and that is about it.........
a shy ( and very slobbery ) little kiss for mama...........

Graeme is really into letters right now.
He recently learned the alphabet, all except for C and E--those are still difficult for him. He prefers to call the letter C, "s" and the letter E ,"f". The other day, he was drawing and drew a perfectly formed letter F. A few minutes later he looked at it and said "F". We're pretty sure he had no idea that he had even drawn the letter F, but we thought it was cute that he came back to his scribblings and recognized the letter F.

happy 20th, mister Graemie-bear!
and, thank you all so much for your sweet words on my last post concerning our new little gift!


  1. HOW precious. The picture of him on the side walk. ::sigh::
    So sweet.
    It's so funny you say that about the letters. Charlie started recognizing certain letters at his age and all he would say was "O" and "Y" and "E". And every letter he couldn't pronounce was an "E".

  2. such a cutie! our G went thru a phase where he didn't want to eat much, especially for dinner. We didn't make a big fight out of it, just made him eat 3-4 bites and he didn't seem to be ravenous even at breakfast. now he's back to gobbling everything in sight! I think most kids must go thru this phase!


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