a belated Father's Day weekend post

safeco fieldDSC_0038
It has been our tradition to go to a baseball game on, or as close as possible to, Father's Day. This past Father's Day weekend, we drove to one of our favorite places, Seattle, for a Mariners and Phillies game.
( We decided to leave Graeme with friends for the over-night trip, despite really wanting to take him. ) We were sad to see the Mariners lose to the Phillies, but Nate and Katie were quite happy about it, as would be expected! We were, in fact, surrounded by Phillies fans during the game--it was a bit comical!
mariners nut
This man, however, made up for the multitude of Phillies fans. He was pretty crazy about his Mariners, apparently. I'm pretty crazy about the one on the right, but the way............
bellyview in belleview
a morning pregnancy shot from our hotel room..........
( we stayed in Bellevue, Washington, which Steve liked to refer to as belly-view, wink wink! )
Steve waiting for his Tully's. I love that guy............
Sunday morning, we headed to Pike's Place market and bought some delicious fruit, some
coffee at the original Starbucks ( except for Steve with his Tully's ), took in some really great street bands and a piano player, smelled hundreds of gorgeous peonies, and visited our favorite dough-nut spot...........
We arrived back in time to meet with our local body of believers and to smother our boy with kisses too, wink wink. We grilled for dinner and then ended our evening with this............
a pretty perfect Father's Day
( only made more perfect by a great round of Canasta with Nate + Katie! )
as the card ( that made me cry in public ) that I picked for Steve said,
"so grateful for the dad you've become. . .
so in love with the man you are!"


  1. I think your boys are going to love keeping with the baseball theme for Fathers' Day in the future!!! ;) And all your pics are great (as always) but I especially could just jump into that peony photo and swim in those!!!!! :)

  2. YOU PLAY CANASTA?? I don't know anyone else around here who has ever heard of it. We were RAISED on canasta!

  3. Erin--I do hope so! We took Graeme last year, but it just didn't work out for this year;-( Aren't those flowers beautiful--they smelled INCREDIBLE! And Steve just bought me some of my own this week;-)

    Jen- we do, we DO! Come over so we can beat you! (jk!)

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