feeding the ducks with Granna

friendly duckbaby ducksDSC_0069
today we ventured out to the library, which also features a perfect little place to feed the ducks.
water lillieseating
we had a fantastic time watching the ducks and birds and taking in the beautiful flowers...........
and Graeme had a marvelous time eating the bread instead of throwing it to the ducks. Maybe he'll catch on to the whole feeding the ducks thing next time?
Graeme also managed to trip right into a large puddle, which in turn splashed his entire front side, dowsing his poor little face pretty well. He was taken quite by surprise and I am not sure he will be a fan of puddles for a while. I think after that he decided to stick with chasing black-birds. Should I admit that Granna and I had a difficult time not chuckling.................
puddle shirt
( here he is showing me that his puppy back-pack is wet )
We ended our morning out with lunch at Longbottom Coffee, a local roaster that also offers really delicious breakfasts and lunches. We are enjoying our time with Granna and will be very sad when she leaves us on Friday!

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  1. I love his little puppy backpack! And what, might I ask, does Mr. Graeme keep in his? You will have to read Make Way for Ducklings sometime to him with the perfect atmosphere of a duck pond behind the Library! (how cute) :)


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