neglecting not our sweet gift number two, or in other words, we are having a............

today, we were given exciting news.........
but we wanted this day to be extra special and so we decided to have the ultra-sound technician *not* tell us the gender of the baby. Instead, she placed the results in an envelope and we headed from there to pick out an outfit for both genders. We placed the items on the counter and asked the employee to look in the envelope at the results from the ultrasound, wrap up the coordinating outfit, and charge our card.............
all without us being able so see.
And then we left with a wrapped package and headed out to the coast.
And then we did this.............
and found out we are having another sweet, sweet boy!
we are so thrilled and are overwhelmed at God's grace and mercy to us in this gift..........
we spent the rest of the day enjoying God's beautiful creation at Cannon Beach, the most gorgeous weather ever, and looking at the sand between our toes...........

it was quite the day of sweet, sweet memories............
Little boy, we love you and cannot wait to meet you in November!


  1. Oh, congratulations! Two boys are such fun!

  2. eeeeeeee!! this is so cute I love it! you look so pretty sarah in that orange and your pretty necklace!

    It made my heart hurt a little bit to see the amazing pictures of cannon beach....I love it there so much and wish I could have been there with you....oh well.....another day :)

    xoxo so happy to be an auntie again!

  3. Congratulations!!! They will be the bestest buddies :)

    I love Graeme's curls :)

  4. Congratulations, Branine's! Boys are a blast!

  5. oh, that is exciting! it will be so fun to have 2 boys close to each other. now you will really need that extra energy. =)
    can't wait to hear what name you pick out! you made it a special day for this little guy for sure.

  6. congratulations!!! such a fun way of finding out the sweet news! :)

  7. OH, MY GOODNESS! That is the BEST IDEA I HAVE EVER HEARD OF!!! And welcome to the world of boys+! :) You do look fantastic, all spiffy, I might add! Congratulations from the other 9's!

  8. What a super fun idea! I love it!

  9. and...congratulations too! :)

  10. Wonderful news;). So happy for you all! What a blessed stewardship you have been entrusted with. You are in for some wonderful wonderful days and moments ahead.

  11. Congratulations! Another sweet boy! Such blessings.

  12. Awwww, can't wait to meet this little guy -- and see him with his "big" brother! Congrats!

  13. Congrats! That must have been an anxious few hours waiting to find out. FUN! I just have to say before pushing "play" on the video I had a good chuckle about the lady in the background. thanks for that :) I love the pic of Haystack rock. It looks like a very clear and beautiful day there.

  14. You are so creative! That video is priceless... so happy for you guys! AND, Graeme's curly hair is seriously cute. SERIOUSLY CUTE!


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