our sixth anniversary......... ( a belated post )

was very special and very us.........
I woke up to these and my favorite bagel from Noah's ( same owner as Einstein's Bagels! ). It had been a bit of a rough night with Graeme--he had woken up a couple of times and I wasn't sleeping well with my big baby belly, so Steve and Graeme let me sleep in while they ran out for breakfast.
Steve could hardly wait for me to open my gift. I mean, seriously, he was chomping at the bit, wink wink. And, well, no wonder..........he had completely outdone himself! I could not believe that he had ordered me my watch! ( well, I could, because that's my husband.... ) I've never owned a nice watch before and had fallen in love with WeWood's branding and style a few months back. The last I had checked, this watch was back-ordered for months--it was a very sweet, sweet gift! I can't wait until this weekend to get the links adjusted so I can put it on and never take it off, wink wink! thank you, Steve!
One of Steve's gifts on our anniversary is no surprise to him--I do a memory book each year, including our favorite pictures and recording all that God has done for us each year. I don't scrapbook, but I do enjoy employing my Mac and Word for this project. And did I mention that I don't scrapbook, wink wink? But each year, we enjoy looking back on God's goodness to us and we look forward to sharing all of these memories with our children. Confession: I actually never got around to Steve's scrapbook last year and so I had double duty this year. Instead of doing two separate books, I joined both years into one book, hence the title 5/6 on the front.
Steve had asked me what I wanted to do earlier in the week and I told him that I would love to just order take-out and watch a movie at home. And, that is exactly what we did! We ordered from a little place right around the corner that had come highly recommended by friends and the Urban Spoon, Pasta Pronto. I was very unsure about trying this place--from the outside it looks a bit like a hole in the wall ( those are always the best, aren't they! ) but we kept hearing amazing reviews, so we tried it. And now we are sold.............

I love my husband and am thankful for the six years that we have been married. He is God's gift of sweetness, grace, laughter, wit, humbleness, joy, and Christ-like love to me. And did I mention laughter, wink wink?

I love him............


Thank you so much for reading here.

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