the Rose Test Garden............

Nate and Katie are here visiting with us--Nate arrived last night and Katie arrived around noon today. We picked Katie up from the airport and headed to the Rose Test Garden. It's been a pretty late summer here in Oregon and our roses are still not in full bloom. The Test Garden will probably be absolutely beautiful in a few weeks. We still enjoyed the few blooms that were out and all of the green foliage too.............
DSC_0138test garden

DSC_0170Picnik collage
we are off to Helvetia Tavern tonight for dinner, or should I say, the-best-burger-ever!
happy thursday to you!


  1. pics look beautiful and the burger sounds yummy! yay for Nate and his girl (even though that's probably old news). =) hope you are feeling well, for me and #2, energy was the big factor.....something about a busy 2 yr. old. :)

  2. What great pictures! You have such a cute little bump! :-)

  3. Kelly- thanks, friend! If you all ever have the opportunity to visit here, we will take you for those burgers--they are to die for;-) I AM feeling really well--like you said, the biggest difference that I have noticed in this pregnancy has been the energy factor. I can't believe that I am 20 weeks and still feeling like I could nap 2-3 hours each day AND go to bed at 8pm! ha! I agree that it must have something to do with my almost-2 munchkin;-)

    Lacie--thank you! This pregnancy is flying by for me. I hope that you are doing well and feeling great. Exciting times! Miss seeing you!


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