family of four
( our first attempt at a family-of-four picture. Believe me, it just went downhill from here......... )
There are some lyrics that bring me to tears almost every time I hear them. This didn't always happen, but somehow after a certain sweet boy was born, things changed. Truths that I'd known almost all of my life became more real and challenged my heart in different and new ways. I hear mommying has a way of doing that, wink wink..............
baby Job
( our newest gift at 20 weeks )
When Graeme was born I found myself singing Come Thou Fount to him often. The verse below has become a prayer that I pray for him as I sing to him and is my favorite out of the entire song. I look forward to meeting our newest sweet boy and wonder what songs I'll be drawn to with him.

On a side-note, I found out why I was feeling this little guy so much--I have low-lying placenta in addition to him being breach--or at least he was at the time of the ultra-sound. I have high suspicions that he is no longer breach, but we shall see. We will have another ultra-sound in about 7 weeks to see if the placenta has changed on it's own. I am not sure if they would officially term it placenta previa, at that time, if it hasn't moved--our ultra-sound technician seemed to think that was what would happen. I am at peace either way and we are pretty ecstatic to see this little guy again;-)

Oh to grace how great a debtor
daily I'm constrained to be
let Thy goodness like a fetter
bind my wondering heart to Thee
prone to wonder Lord I feel it
prone to leave the God I love
here's my heart, oh take and seal it
seal it for Thy courts above


  1. Love the family pic! And love that new little one!

  2. Sarah- I love your family pic. So adorable! I am sort of an expert on placenta previa now. Let me know if yours continues (which is very unlikely) but if so I can share a lot more details if you want them so you'll be prepared. A friend who had a previa shared with me and it was so helpful toward the end of the pregnancy & the delivery experience.

  3. I have come to love that verse in the last few years, too!

  4. Danielle--thanks tons! If I do end up with placenta previa--which I also doubt will happen--but if I do I will most certainly be asking you lots of questions!

    Marcy--thanks for stopping by!


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