update on the yarn letter alphabet project........

it has been so exciting to me to watch this little project unfold............
I must admit that in the beginning I was very fearful that this twenty-six week project would just crash and burn altogether! I decided that I had to face my fears, and even if it did crash and burn, I needed to crash and burn trying! I have put a hold on the project for a few weeks because I need to catch up on my etsy orders! I just sold three yarn letters this past week and am waiting to hear back about four additional yarn letters. Cranny will be closing down for a few weeks within the next couple of days and I am looking forward to the time off.
change is good.
when I first began making the yarn letters, if a customer wanted to add a posie or mustache, they were glued to the yarn. Now, however, I am making them as pins so that they can be removed if desired.
well, this is my view nowadays and I'm rather loving it!
today marks 18 weeks of healthy pregnancy and my is it ever flying fast!

happy Thursday!


  1. Love that view and that sweet baby - can't wait to hear whether it's a little Steve or little Sarah :)



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