calling all mommies of 2 year old boys........

I know it seems a bit silly to be already thinking about Graeme's birthday, but I know it will be here in a couple blinks! Last year, I tried to research "best loved toys" for one year olds and I was quite happy with my finds. I've begun to do the same thing this year as well, for two year old boys, but I thought it would be wise to ask for ideas from those of you with little boys of your own............

That being said, what ideas do you have for favorite toys of toddler boys?

I am also especially interested in favorite books as well..........

I feel that Graeme greatly enjoys his current toy inventory--which mainly consists of trains and matchbox cars, a wooden train track, lots and lots of books, Melissa + Doug puzzles, a Thomas the Train ride-on toy, play-dough, Mr. Potato Head, and did I mention books? Obviously, there are other things that he plays with, but I would say that those are his favorites. ( Except when Mr. Potato Head's glasses do not fit properly.......... )

I compiled the list above through the help of simply googling ( I love that word ) favorite toys for toddler boys and also through browsing Etsy. I'm pretty sure we will not be purchasing every item on the list, but there are a few that I am especially interested in. And, I'm pretty sure a sock monkey hat will be on the list for Graeme's Fall wardrobe, wink wink! And did you notice the retro wooden bowling kit? I'm positive with a capital P that my little ocd Graemie-bear would be in heaven making sure his pins are all lined up nice and straight...............

Well, I will be waiting on my tippy toes to hear all of your fantastic ideas--just like last year and I will faithfully report back to you, after Graeme's birthday, what we decided on! As Graeme would say, ready, set, go!

( thanks in advance! )


  1. I was gonna say, I have 2 boys, one is 13 one is almost 6 and both the boys LOVED having a bowling set. Except I had a silly six pins game from Toys R Us, the pins talk and wiggle. Both the boys were infatuated with Hotwheels and my youngest has the largest Monster Jam truck collection ever. You wouldn't think that a wooden block set would be that interesting, but my youngest loves the fact that he can get lost into building a castle and using his figurines to have a battle. It's funny to watch Foofa and Plex fight. LOL Music related things are great too. Even though it's hard to tune out sometimes, anything that can make a rhythm (which can teach math skills) is great for little hands. Hope that helps you out a little!

  2. many good ideas! well, I can tell you that my G has a bowling set (not as cool as your wooden one :), anyways, he loves that. and you know his fetish for balls so the tee ball & hoop are also 2 of his favorites. he's been on a strider bike once and it was still a little difficult for him, but I think with a little practice it could work.
    playdough & coloring are faves.
    I haven't seen wall E, but graham loves the Cars movie. someone also recently gave him winnie the pooh & dora (!) movies which he also loves. :)
    his leap frog reading pen has been a lot of fun. it can actually read the books to him + plays all sorts of sounds from the pictures. it's been a REALLY great car activity.
    it's a little pricey, I got on sale for $20 and then a grandma bought him the box of books that goes with it. but maybe something to keep in mind, even for Christmas.
    does he have the lego mega blocks? those are another of G's faves. he also loves his little farm set with little animals, farm animals seem to be very fun to little boys. :)

    and lastly, he LOVES his fire engine that has a siren and all that good stuff.

    ok, I think I've said enough. :)Good luck in your hunt, I know Graeme will love all his special gifts!

  3. For books, I would definitely recommend Amy Krouse Rosenthal's board books boxed set of Little Pea, Little Hoot, and Little Oink. All three stories are a hit in our house. Since they are board books, they are able to take quite a bit of love from little hands. I just bought another set for a friend as a baby shower gift. Here is the link:

  4. My boys loved everything you pictured. They love PlayDoh, finger paint, balls, bowling, anything they can ride, anything they can make noise with, bubbles, puzzles (big floor puzzles!!!), anything LeapFrog (they have an alphabet video that is their favorite and Jed loves to make all the letter sounds now), Lego, blocks, any Glow Doodle product (the Glow Station and Glow Dome have been big hits), those velcro ball sets, view masters...I could go on but my computer battery is going to die any second!

  5. Sarah, those are some great finds! Timothy has the Litte Tykes bowling set but was a little older when he got it and was almost "too old" for it. I think Graeme's at the perfect age - and I just saw this bowling set on Etsy I thought was cute:

    Timothy just turned 3, and it's almost hard to remember what he liked most as he was turning 2. We got him a Tonka dump truck (big metal one) and he loved that, but it was a bit of a hazard to baby sister. ;) One book Timothy LOVED right at Graeme's age was Roadwork, by Sally Sutton.

    If I think of more toy ideas, I'll pass them along. Honestly, Timothy's only recently "gotten into" toys. He's more of a high-energy, run-around and wrestle, kind of boy. ;) Oh, I think the sports toys you pictured are great ideas. Timothy has T-ball and basketball - T-ball was great at Graeme's age, though, since Timothy enjoyed (still does) swinging at things. ;)

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