calling all mommies of 2 year old boys ( part two )

I mentioned in my last post that I was especially interested in favorite books of your two year old. Graeme loves to be read to and also greatly enjoys "reading" to himself. I wanted to share a little bit about a favorite artist and illustrator of mine, Nikki McClure. McClure lives in Olympia, Washington and creates her beautiful images by painstakingly cutting out each design with the aid of an x-acto knife. ( Okay, let me just say that I took several art classes in college and for one specific class I had to create "art" with an x-acto knife--and let me tell you--mine wasn't pretty. Nor was it easy. I stand amazed at this lady's work! ) I already own McClure's baby journal entitled The First 1000 Days-- and love it to pieces-- it is the item pictured above.
......but what I really wanted to tell you about, in this post, are her other books that she has illustrated. And shhhh! Don't tell mister Graeme, but these are already ordered for his birthday thanks to a great deal on Amazon. I've scoured the thrift stores over the past year for these books and came up empty handed each time--and I am not surprised--why in the world would anyone toss these? So I resorted to purchasing them brand spankin' new. ( Because Amazon's price was better than buying them used! ) McClure also illustrated the award winning book Blueberries for Sal, which I hope to add to Graeme's collection soon!

( thanks for your tips in the post below--keep them coming! )


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