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We've settled on a name for our sweet, new little one and we've decided to give him the name Job Hudson.

Over the last couple of years, God faithfully and sweetly brought us through some earthly trials, including a miscarriage between Graeme and Job. And although our difficulties were not of the same caliber as the Job of the Bible, they still served the mutual purpose of bringing our hearts closer to our God. The theology of the book of Job, the resolution of Job to stay steadfast in his pursuit of God, and his trust in the sovereignty and goodness of God--no matter if God sent him through difficulty or granted great blessing-- these things greatly encouraged us as we saw more of the heart of God displayed to us over that last few years.

We've chosen the name Job because it is a forever testament of God's goodness to us. Job is a gift to us-- a very kind gift from a Father who delights to give us such gifts.

And, my husband wanted me to add a very important reason why we chose the name Job Hudson-- we just plain love it! ( And yes, we did have Hudson Taylor in mind as we selected Job's middle name--I'll probably share more on that later. )

ps. this was my first Etsy purchase for mister Job and I can hardly wait to see him in his owl hat..............


  1. Lovely Sarah. We have very significant meanings behind our children's names also. Thanks for sharing, and congrats on your newest sweetheart!
    Katherine Roland

  2. aw, that hat is so precious!! Hudson was our boy middle name too. you get this one. =)

  3. LilyNoelle9:20 AM

    I just LOVE the name AND the fabulous owl hat :)

  4. Love the name! Beautiful! I am a bit partial to the "Hudson" part. :O)

  5. great name and hat!

  6. Anonymous3:45 PM

    thank you

  7. love the name! Job has been our boy name for a few years now. Love it and the meaning behind it for you. Congrats!

  8. Kelly-that is so funny! Great minds think alike;-) Maybe we should just plan a coffee date ( I wish!!! ) and plan out the rest of our children's names together, wink wink!

    Katherine, Heidi, and Anne--thanks, friends!

    Rachel--my mom just told me a few days ago about your Hudson--I love it!

    Danielle--us too--and we would love another Job to join ours;-) thanks for the congrats!

  9. ADORABLE! Both the name AND the hat! :) Excited for all of you - and I have to say, having two boys right in a row is so much fun. Even though I had hoped for a girl the second time around, I wouldn't have it any other way. :) Hope you all are doing well!

  10. Awww- great name! And cute hat too :)


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