housing update

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Waiting can be so difficult, but it is such an "in my face" reminder of what my dependence on God should look like. We looked at a house last week that had 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a very nice backyard with a deck, and also a garage. It would have been double the space that we have currently. On Tuesday, the owner called to say that we were next on the list, but they chose a family that could move in right away. ( Our lease doesn't end until August 9th, so we would prefer to move the first week of August and not have to pay rent for two places at once. ) But in that moment of receiving that phone call, I thought, we should have just forked out the money because the house would have been ours! And while there may not have been anything inherently wrong with that thought, it didn't seem like the wisest choice for us. In my short lifetime, it doesn't seem like the working of God when I have to finagle from every angle. It was a good reminder to keep waiting for the perfect space God has for us.

So, you can keep praying with us and I will be so excited to share with you how God leads us during this time of waiting and how he directs us to exactly what he would have for us.

thank you for praying for us!

ps. this is Graeme and his best buddy, Kylie, who he will greatly miss when we move. ( I think they could be twins! ) Her mama and I have promised to get them together often for play dates!


Thank you so much for reading here.

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