two years in Oregon and some family photographs

photograph by aubrie legault
yesterday marked two years for us in Oregon............
and I'm thankful for all that God has done in continuing to show Himself faithful to us
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Remember way back in March when I told you that we were having some family photographs done by our friend and photographer, Aubrie, of Capturing Grace? Well, there are a few funnies to tell, but I am happy to announce that we just completed those photos--in the middle of July no less!
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We really wanted to take the photos down by the river, in Portland, by the cherry blossom trees. They were so beautiful last year, but with all of the rain this year, they were completely washed out. I was devastated and apparently, so was Graeme--I have never--ever, ever in all his little life seen him so miserable and completely unphotographable. All of this on top of the fact that putting together our outfits had been quite a difficulty. Steve and I had gone out shopping the evening before for just a few things. I really didn't need an entire outfit--I was simply looking for a shirt that might give my expanding belly a little more room and one that would hide our little secret in the photographs. Steve was simply looking for a pair of jeans. I found what I thought was the perfect outfit and didn't even bother trying it on. Mistake number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6-10. Steve finally found a pair of jeans, and exhausted, we headed home. I tried on my outfit later that evening--a little pale pink shirt dress with a mustard sweater. Yeah, so complete fail--could only button three buttons on the entire dress and that just wouldn' I laughed so hard, I cried and Steve thought it rather funny as well. It was the perfect stress reliever to our crazy shopping evening.
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Aubrie was so patient with us. Because of a clash of schedules, I think we had to cancel the make-up shoot nearly 7 times, but finally we were able to complete the photos and I'm pretty sure it was worth the wait.....................

You can go here to view more of Aubrie's photographs from the day--thank you so much, Aubrie for capturing these beautiful moments for us. And thank you to one of Graeme's sitters, Kendall, for coming along for the shoot--she was very helpful in securing extra smiles from Graeme, supplying fruit snacks in fruit-snack-demanding situations, and for keeping track of mister G while mama and dada had some photos taken.

I'm positive that we will enjoy these sweet photographs of our little family for many, many years! happy monday to you..............


  1. sarah...these are so amazing I can't even stand it! I LOVE them all and the barn with the writing....oh. my . fantastic! job well done, and I know you will cherish these for years to come!

  2. Didn't Aubrie do a great job?! I was beside myself--they will definitely be loved and cherished and framed on the walls for a long, long time;-)

  3. Wow!!!!!! I am absolutely blown away by these photos!! Each and every one is a masterpiece!!

  4. You are welcome! It was my pleasure photographing you and your family. Thanks for making my portfolio look even better. I can't wait for the next shoot.


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