a first time for everything.........

I've been wanting to try hand embroidery for a while now.............
let me just say, I think I am officially hooked!
I hope that our home is ready for a few hand-embroidered additions!
( in case you aren't sure what letter that is on the necklace, it is a B.  Steve thought it was the letter C and I was a bit dismayed as I have no use for a C, wink wink! )
however, I could not hold it against him for long because yesterday he came home bearing gifts...........
beautiful summer flowers and these delicious treats--
Lulu's macaroons from the Red Fox bakery in McMinnville.
absolute perfection!

happy weekending!


  1. Love the "b" and the macaroons!!
    Sorry about your bro's teasing....some things never change....you are one of the few favorites that he still loves to mess with (one other being Justin about the Yankees :)) We'll pray for the housing situation~


  2. oh man--that macaroon was incredible!
    yes. . . it will catch up to him;-) I'll just count it an honor that he still loves to give me a hard time;-)


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