heart + home update

( dahlias from our farmer's market last evening........... )
Steve's heart condition, Wolff Parkinson White, began acting up several weeks ago;  acting up in terms of his heart beating at 150 bpm for several hours during the day.  He would come home exhausted, collapsing on the couch and asleep usually by 8:30pm.  With already having three unsuccessful surgeries under his belt for the WPW, we weren't too thrilled with the possibility of another, but we had also just been told that the doctors had not been as aggressive as they could have been in the prior surgeries, because of the risk of nicking the AV-node and the end result of a pace-maker.  But at this point, Steve was completely at rest with the thought of a pace-maker.  It was just too difficult ( and dangerous! ) dealing with the racing, with no end seemingly in sight.  When we went to see the specialist last week, he suggested that we try another medicine and if the medicine did not kick in within a couple of weeks, we would need to discuss surgery.
I recently read a quote by John Owen that sums up my emotions during the first couple of days after Steve's appointment with the specialist.  We were so hopeful that the medicine would work right away and so discouraged when it seemingly did not.  "Steadfastness in believing does not exclude all temptations from without.  When we say a tree is firmly rooted, we do not say the wind never blows upon it."  I want to believe that I am firmly rooted, but a situation like this constantly reminds me of how great my need to plunge my roots into greater depths of Christ.  I was so thankful when the medicine did indeed begin working a few days later.  For now, it looks like surgery is not even in our immediate future and for that, we are so thankful.
I could apply John Owen's quote to our housing situation as well.  I am so confident in God supplying our needs.  I truly am.  I am also very aware of how I am prone to wander, leaving me quite the debtor of Grace, and begging for that fetter of Goodness.  We have an appointment to view a home on September 6th and I am so excited about the possibilities.  I must admit, I am not exactly thrilled with the kitchen in the home--it's painted green and yellow, and I'm already thinking about that phrase that goes something like "it's better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission".  Is that bad?  Remember, I said green and yellow................... I'll keep you posted through the process, wink wink!

I should also mention that this morning, as we took an impromptu trip to the pool, Graeme ended up sans clothes, as in completely nekked for about 5 minutes.  He made the mistake of sitting down in the pool in his diaper and realized that wearing a heavy-as-lead diaper is not fun at all.  Since it was just my friend and her little girl, Graeme's best pal, I stripped him down and let him go, with the stern warning of "don't potty in the pool!"  Yes, I was one of those parents this morning!

happy wednesday..............


  1. It is Awesome to here that Steve's medication is working and there will not be a surgery in the future. Praise God! Although Frank and I have not been able to be at small group you guys are on our hearts.

    The Stock's

  2. Love that John Owen quote. Love those dahlia pics, too.

  3. So thankful that his medicine is working! Thanks so much for your sweet comment and prayers, and it is (not good, but..) reassuring to know that you experienced a similar hardship. I am eager to hear how this househunt goes!

  4. Thank you, Latisha! We missed you guys last night! Thank you for your prayers! And by the way, the house we are looking at is very close to you;-)

    L-me too--my pictures don't quite do the flowers justice and the best part is that they were $1 per stem;-)

    Paige--yes, we are very, very excited and thankful about this new medicine. Steve feels like he has a new life! ;-)

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