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I came across this picture of my sister and me--
It was taken in February and I love it and it just made me super happy to find it today.

I was recently telling a friend of mine that my sister and I are alike in so many ways except for the fact that I really stink at painting furniture!

Oh, and also that she just went skiing IN THE OCEAN and I would NEVER do that. I told her that my stomach was in knots just reading about it and thinking about the possible sharks lurking beneath. I'll have nightmares...................

I especially missed her yesterday when a funny part came up in Steve's sermon. She would have been giggling right along with me. Well, maybe it was better that she wasn't there, wink wink.

I hope that you have a sister that makes you just as happy as mine makes me!
happy monday and happy August 1st to you!


  1. my own sweet sis is sitting in my living right now and I'm so thankful!!! it's so hard to live far away from them, isn't it? what a great pic of you & Barb!

  2. Kelly, that's so great--I was thinking of you and your sister when I wrote this post! Have a great time together!

  3. Anonymous7:28 AM

    Awww, sweet :)


  4. awwww.....catching up sis....and this just made me happy :)

    I love you to bits.....and pieces miss nappy :) hee hee! xoxoxoxoxo


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