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I should probably just go ahead and admit that I am overwhelmed in thinking about the arrival of our Job Hudson.  A few weeks ago, I had this overwhelming urge to find the bin of Graeme's newborn clothes.   I shared my urge with Steve over dinner and I'm sure he was thinking, okay, yes, we'll find those over the next few weeks.  But when I called for him to help me about thirty minutes later-- as I was literally stuck in Graeme's closet, I think he knew the situation was far more serious, wink wink.  Thankfully we found the clothes, unfortunately it made me even more aware of the coming work to be done!
Maybe I should also mention that there is another rental home on the horizon and I've been thinking a lot lately about Graeme and Job's room.  Specifically, I've been thinking about simple and inexpensive ideas for creating a fun boys' bedroom.  Which brings me to this Crayola project, via Meg Duerkson.  I love it. It is so fantastic.  I'm imagining doing a canvas with sea and sky colors plus a few mustards and golds thrown in for good measure of course;-)
I couldn't leave out this pillow by Kate Durkin.  I am in love with several in her shop, but have yet to actually place an order.  I think one of these pillows would be fantastic for Graeme's toddler bed.

So, long story longer, I am having a lot of fun thinking up all of these ideas for our possible new home and for Graeme and Job's room specifically.  I just wish that I had an equal amount of energy as I do ideas!

Last evening, we again met with friends to discuss a few chapters from Give Them Grace by Fitzpatrick and Thompson.  I love this book.  I know I've said that a million times over the last couple of months, but I'm hoping that each time I say it, a few more friends will pick up the book and read it.  I thought I would share a lengthy quote that spoke to Steve and me.  ( This quote comes on the heels of Fitzpatrick discussing the accurate meaning of Proverbs 22:6, a verse that is claimed by many who believe that their faithful obedience always obligates God to respond with blessing, including "faithful" and "obedient" children. )

"Why wouldn't God give us a sure promise that if we parent well, our children will do well?  Wouldn't our parenting be more diligent if we thought we had the ability to save them?  No, actually it wouldn't.  We wouldn't work harder if we had that command and promise, because we don't respond well to commands.  True obedience doesn't come from commands with promises.  The nation of Israel and their response to Deuteronomy 28 and 29 ought to be enough proof of that.  God doesn't promise our children's salvation in response to our obedience, because he never encourages self-reliance.  It would be against God's character to give us a promise that our children will be saved if we raise them in a certain way.  That would mean that he was telling us to trust in something other than Christ and his grace and mercy.  He would be encouraging us to trust in ourselves, and God never does that.  The way of the Lord is always a way of faith--faith in his goodness, mercy, and love.  Our faith is to be in him, not in ourselves."

These gospel words were such a timely reminder for me--not only in the realm of teaching Graeme about Christ and the gospel, but about living it in front of him as well--and that includes not worrying over details of sweet boys' rooms and thousands upon thousands of details concerning a possible move, wink wink!

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