riding Max the train for the first time........

the last couple of days have been exciting ones for mister Graeme...........
not only did he ride Max the train ( our local light-rail transportation system ) for the first time, he also experienced an air-show for the very first time as well.

Friday evening, we picked up dinner and settled down at a nearby park that gave us views of the planes doing their tricks.  Graeme was horrified when an F16 roared right over us, catching him off-guard on the play set, but he thoroughly enjoyed watching it from the safety of my lap.  Well, thoroughly enjoyed watching for about twenty minutes and then laid his head on my shoulder and repeated "taurus, taurus", his little hint-hint to us that he was done with the plane show;-)

We basically had the Max to ourselves.  ( I think it is rather funny that Graeme thought the train's name was Max, when in reality it stands for Metropolitan Area Express, but we'll let him call the train Max.  Every other train in his life has a name, so this one should too, right? )
Graeme was very excited to ride Max the train, even though he looks scared to death in these pictures!
His big blue eyes just took everything in for a few minutes from the safety of his seat by daddy and he figured out the train's routine rather quickly.  When the train would stop, he would say, "doors open, people".
Here, Max is receiving a "hip, hip, hooray" from Graeme..........
I have a feeling this was our first of many, many visits to see Max, wink wink!
We rode Max to the downtown farmer's market and back, making sure to arrive home in time for long naps and to escape the heat of our first 90 degree day, for the summer, here in Oregon.

happy saturday to you...........


  1. So cute! Ellie rode Max for the first time last week and loved it too!

    She calls it "The Max Train". And if we simply refer to it as "The MAX" she say, "You mean the max TRAIN."

  2. Cute! It is so funny what they come up with;-) Steve said next time we'll try taking Max to the Zoo. . .I'll have to let you know when we do!


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