thirty weeks ( or in other words, yee-haw! )

30 weeks.
and a 30 year old mama.

this pregnancy has really begun to fly by
and I am starting to notice Job's presence more and more........
the wedding rings not fitting, the I haven't even left the restroom yet and I think I may need to go again feeling,
the big kicks and summersaults and tickling of mama's ribs..........
I love it.

and to the next ten weeks, give or take, I say giddy up!
we're so excited to meet you, sweet boy............


  1. What!? You're expecting??? So we both have totally shocking news. :) we won't be close to you, unfortunately, but I do like shop at ikea. ;)

  2. we sure do;-)
    well, I am still excited that we'll be in the same state together;-)

    ( we can meet up at IKEA sometime! )


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