getting ready to party............

( photo credit, Aubrie LeGault, Capturing Grace Photography )

My kitchen is completely filled to the brim at the moment with preparations for Graeme's Alphabet Party.  Graeme does not even realize that it is his birthday, and I, well, I am so excited about his birthday! I had to laugh as I uploaded this photograph from his party last year--I remembered that I had made Oreo Balls, but just noticed that I made the ones for tomorrow in the exact same colors! Oh well, I'm pretty sure nobody will mind............

Tonight, we are looking at another rental since the house that I viewed on Tuesday did not work out.  It was a very cute home, but needed a lot of work that would have involved time and money that Steve and I do not have, especially to spend on a home that is not ours.  I'm not just talking about simple repairs, I'm talking about needing to cover pipes and grates and painting basically the entire home! We have to be out of our apartment by September 23rd, so we are greatly looking forward to finding a new place.  Thank you so much to those of you who have encouraged us during this process.  Believe me, it means a lot to this very pregnant mama.

Speaking of pregnant, I was reading Walt Disney's Dumbo the Flying Elephant to Graeme this morning and had to laugh when I read the following..........
The mother camel was proud of her new baby.  And the mother seal was happy her baby had come.  But one animal was not happy.  Mrs. Jumbo, the elephant, had been waiting a long time for her baby.  But so far it had not arrived.

haha! I definitely feel like Mrs. Jumbo, although I do not wish mister Job to arrive on the scene for several more weeks.  I just had a good chuckle about the name Mrs. Jumbo...........

Steve's aunt Elaine requested the recipe for Oreo Balls and here it is.........
* using a food processor, chop up an entire package of Oreos until the consistency is quite fine.  ( I find it easier if I process half of the package at a time. )
* gradually add cream cheese to the crushed Oreos and process it until it becomes like a dough mixture, making sure that it is not too sticky.  ( I find that I usually use about 1/2 a pkg. of cream cheese.
* roll the dough into balls on wax paper
* melt white chocolate chips and spoon chocolate over Oreo Balls. ( I find that adding a little bit of Crisco to the chocolate helps it to be a nice thin consistency and it spoons easily over the Oreo Balls. )
* for color, add a drop of food coloring to the chocolate mixture
* wait for several minutes until the chocolate has cooled before removing the Oreo Balls from the wax paper.


happy weekending!


  1. yay!! I so wish I could be there! take lots of pictures:).....and tell me which things you did not get from the movie I can send them to G....


  2. Those look delicious!
    We can't make it tomorrow, but we have a little treat for your sweet Graeme!
    We'll bring it Sunday...

  3. Barb, I wish you could be here to photograph for me;-) I'll be running around like a mad woman...........
    did I tell you we are doing a little photo booth? I'm so excited--I hope it all comes together like I am hoping! Yes, several people have asked about what he would like or want and I've mentioned the cars from "Cars"--I'll let you know!

    Laura, we will miss you guys! You are sweet to have a treat for Graeme;-)

  4. Very sad to miss the big birthday bash...on a second note, we have a bonus room if you are needing a place to stay! Love ya sister!


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